Strategic Planning

International Strategic planning requires that one take a birds eye view of situations, whether they be of an economic, legal, social, or political nature. Generally, many such factors need to be considered and therefore the necessary research required for such a function must necessarily remain an on-going process. The individual or the institution providing strategic planning need to be vested with the wherewithal to readily access and draw on such a wide range of expertise and experience that there could impossibly be sufficient tertiary qualification for such a function. Successful consultants therefore comprise of those that produce positive results and not necessary those that sit in ivory towers or rely on their accolades.

This consultancy, has, apart from a wide range of the above mentioned characteristics, and an impressive record, access to most, if not all of the International Aid agencies, the international financial institutions and a networked of consultants here and abroad covering almost every avenue of expertise requisite for strategic planning. You know the adage. Many times it is not what you know but who you know and knowing what works through who.

Strategic planning specialized in, comprises, legal and financial strategy development in litigation, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, project development, empowerment, community development, risk management (commercial and legal), Investments, and personal and corporate structuring. This consultancy is also able to act as facilitators in the global trend of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

In particular, this consultancy has a vast knowledge of open as well as secret societies, organizations, front organizations, holding companies and the like, that influence the global socio, economic and political climate, not to mention the development in international juris prudence and legal reform.

Moreover, this consultancy has no fear of handling issues which as a matter of principal need to be addressed, no matter how uncomfortable that may be for those that have an interest in perpetuating wrongs against society.


This consultancy may earn commissions from entities employed in the course of it?s mandate. 

This consultancy may require you to sign standard International Instruments such as Non-Circumvention agreements and Mandates, prior to engaging in any service.


Any representation or statement expressed or otherwise implied in this document or in any strategic plan supplied by this consultancy (whether by way of opinion or advice or otherwise) is made in good faith but on the basis that this consultancy shall not be liable to any person in respect of any such representation or statement, however rising.

No person directly involved with this consultancy is an officer of Court and no representation made by it should be construed as being made as such, even though this consultancy regularly refers to experts in fields of law who may be officers of court.

The services rendered are strictly of a strategic planning bases and are not to be confined to any field of expertise requiring statutory registration, save for that of Strategic Planning and Financial Planning.