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Bible Case - Recommendation pdf.


           All the books are in Acrobat Reader Format and downloadable directly from the net.

           You will be able to cut and paste for research purposes but please remember to acknowledge sources. As you will note the research Bibliography’s are extensive.


E VOLUTIONIs it fact or theory?  Is it science or religion? What is behind its birth? What is behind its propagation?

This book is entertaining and should be well loved by the whole family and especially your children, who need it most.

As with all of them, this book is in Acrobat Reader Format.

Your children will be able to cut and paste for projects. Please remind them to acknowledge sources as the Research Bibliography is extensive.

Apart from quotes of several other articles, there are extensive links to other Creation Science publications on the net and elsewhere.


U BUNTU, The officially legislated state religion of South Africa

This book deals with an extremely serious issue, - your religious freedom. It contains copies of startling documentation and details of serious infringements.

The famous Bible Case is briefly dealt with in this book and it contains a copy of the AMENDMENTS NEEDED IN CHURCH CONSTITUTIONS in order to avoid similar litigation.



A well illustrated history of the rise and fall of super fine wool farming in South Africa as seen through the eyes of a late lamb born into one of the more prominent families.


F reemasonry and The Bible, Are the Compatible?

An extensive work. Well illustrated and relating facts about Masonry and the courts recounted for the first time ever in a book. It was born out of the findings of THE COMMISSION OF INQUIRY INTO IRREGULARITIES IN THE SYSTEM OF JUSTICE AND ACTIVITIES BY MEMBERS OF SECRET SOCIETIES. An inquiry covering many court cases, some highly political in nature and ranging over 12 years. In comparing Masonry with the Bible it quotes only from Masonic Authority and the Bible. It will be an invaluable aid in the hands of any Pastor, as they all sooner or later need to deal with the issue. Disclosures of the Higher Degree Workings hidden from most Masons are made.


L AND REFORM IN SOUTHERN AFRICAThe Hidden Agendas, The Scams, The Moles, The Corruption, The Victims, The Future.

A shocking exposure covering over 400 pages containing intercepted documents, photographs, names, places, dates, outcomes etc. This work is still incomplete, but already contains much of what is NEEDED TO KNOW information for every farmer in South Africa. The headings that still need to be completed are already there and therefore one has a good idea of what is coming. This publication is hot news as the issues are alive on several e-mail forums right now! These forums are disclosed in the book. Anyone purchasing this book now will be entitled to updates at a vastly discounted price.